AC/DC UK Tour 2024: Details about this music show

February 8, 2024

Music is an art that softens the heart and makes you feel good. The songs of AC/DC fit right in with this logic. The rock and blues pioneers who have been making music history for decades occupy a prime position in the world's discography. With a career marked by iconic anthems such as "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black", the band continues to captivate crowds with its inimitable sound and outstanding performances. Fans of the famous Australian band could see them perform live in 2024. The band is preparing a memorable UK tour.

AC/DC: the undisputed masters of rock 'n' roll

AC/DC is a household name in the rock world. If you have a weakness for powerful guitar riffs, energetic anthems and an indomitable rock'n'roll attitude, then AC/DC is certainly the band that has made its mark on your playlist. That's why you can get your ticket to see the site web of ac/dc tour

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Formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1973, AC/DC has evolved into one of the most remarkable rock bands of all time. Originally from Scotland, the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, created a singular rhythm, combining blues, hard rock and a dose of good vibes. Their debut album, "High Voltage", marked the start of a musical adventure that has lasted for over four decades.

If you ask an AC/DC fan to name two iconic albums, chances are "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black" would top the list. These albums propelled the band to the top of the global charts and solidified their reputation as the undisputed masters of hard rock. The band sold millions of albums, including 71 million in the USA, breaking world records.

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One of the iconic images of AC/DC is Angus Young, the guitarist in his schoolboy uniform, playing guitar solos as he frantically moves around the stage. The band's raw energy and no-holds-barred attitude created a true rock'n'roll experience at every concert.

However, AC/DC isn't just a band from the glorious past. In 2020, the band marked an impactful comeback with the album "Power Up", proving that their creative flame continues to burn as brightly as ever. Today, the band is living more of its glory days, touring the world.

UK tour dates and cities (2024)

To celebrate the band's 50th anniversary, AC/DC is planning a UK tour in 2024. Cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, etc. are likely to host this incredible event. will host this incredible event. Fans will be able to attend a series of concerts and share moments of joy with their favorite musicians. The tour will take place on specific dates. Prices will be announced for each ticketing category.

Ticketing for AC/DC concerts in the UK

With a wide range of tickets on offer, the ticketing options are aimed at all entertainment fans, and in particular fans of the band AC/DC.

Classic tickets

Classic tickets, issued by concert halls, remain the cornerstone of the concert landscape. They guarantee traditional access to shows that is an integral part of the live experience.

Fan tickets

For enthusiasts and collectors, you'll also have access to fan tickets featuring the unique design of the AC/DC band or tour. You can even get hard tickets for a touch of uniqueness.

Mobile tickets

On the AC/DC tour, the digital age comes to life with mobile tickets. Accessible at any time via a dedicated app on your smartphone, these tickets offer unrivaled convenience. Transfer them directly from the app for maximum flexibility.

Electronic tickets (e-tickets)

Receive your e-tickets by e-mail as a PDF file. Print them at home or present them on your smartphone. A modern, environmentally-friendly way to access your favorite events.