Why choose a motel for your next holiday ?

April 23, 2024

When it comes to planning a holiday, the choice of accommodation is often an important factor in ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay. While traditional hotels have long dominated the hospitality landscape, motels are becoming increasingly popular with travellers, as they offer an attractive and often more economical alternative. In this article, we'll look at the reasons why motels are a justified choice for your next holiday.

Finding a motel: several options available to you

Whether you're in the middle of planning your holiday or looking for last-minute accommodation, there are several ways to find a motel that suits your needs and budget.

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Online booking platforms

The online booking platforms that you can discover through this content are an excellent starting point for your search. These websites bring together a vast selection of hotels from all over the world, allowing you to compare prices, services and customer reviews in just a few clicks.

Motel chain websites

Many motel chains have their own websites where you can search and book online. These websites often offer exclusive deals and promotions, allowing you to save money.

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General search engines

Using a general search engine like Google, you can also find motels in your area. Simply enter the term "motel" followed by the town or region you're interested in to get a list of relevant results.

Why choose this type of accommodation?

Many travellers choose to stay in motels instead of luxury hotels or flats. There are several reasons for this.

Unbeatable value for money

One of the main advantages of motels is their excellent value for money. Compared with hotels, motels generally offer more affordable rooms, while still providing an adequate level of comfort and facilities. This economical choice is particularly attractive for families or groups looking to optimise their holiday budget.

Easy access and convenient location

Motels are often strategically located along main roads and motorways, offering easy access to major tourist attractions and amenities. This convenient location is particularly appreciated by car travellers, who can park easily and free of charge on site.

Simple, functional comfort

While motels don't always rival the luxury and extensive services of top-of-the-range hotels, they do offer a simple, functional level of comfort that perfectly meets the essential needs of travellers. The rooms, often furnished in a minimalist, modern style, generally have a comfortable bed, private bathroom and Wi-Fi connection.

An authentic, friendly experience

Motels are often distinguished by their friendly, family atmosphere. The welcome is generally warm and personalised, creating a relaxed atmosphere conducive to conversation. What's more, the small size of the establishments means that travellers are close to each other, encouraging interaction and the creation of pleasant memories.

Greater flexibility and freedom

Staying in a motel offers travellers considerable flexibility and freedom. Arrival and departure times are often more flexible than in hotels, allowing you to manage your time more independently. What's more, motels generally offer a wider range of accommodation options, with single, double or family rooms, or even suites with kitchenettes.

In conclusion, motels are a sensible accommodation option for budget-conscious travellers looking for simple, functional comfort. Their convenient location, friendly atmosphere and flexibility make them a particularly good choice for families, groups of friends and travellers looking for an authentic, affordable experience.