Marketing your agency : keys to attracting campaign management clients

January 10, 2024

One of the key stages in the development of a business is client research. Once your offer is clearly defined, you need to demand to prove yourself. But how can a campaign management service hope to establish itself in today’s market ? Here are some key strategies to achieve your goal.

Create your persona

A persona is a commonly used tool in marketing.  This is a fictitious client, intended to represent the type of business most likely to request your services.  Do not hesitate to consult this official site to find out more.  By creating a persona, you have a clearer idea of ​​the type of clientele to look for and avoid wasting your budget on random marketing attempts. 

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The process of creating a persona is very variable. Some providers focus on the génériques points like  the characteristics of the persona, their personality, their preferences, etc. Others focus on the financial well-being of the persona, their capital, the type of offers they prefer, etc. In the end, it all depends on the aspects that your team deems wise to highlight. 

Diversify your approach in terms of prospecting

A classic prospecting technique is done in two stages : aggressive advertising and the personalized approach. First, you bombard the potential customer with emails, messages, reminders and other incentives to contact you. 

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Then, once the appointment is made, you offer them a personalized offer, thus increasing your chances of working together in the long term. Although this way of doing things is effective, it is far from being unstoppable. For example, if your prospect remains indifferent to your messages, it becomes impossible to interact with them. 

This is why it would be preferable to vary your prospecting strategy if necessary. In particular, you can choose to chat directly on the phone with customers who are indifferent to messages. Although this approach is more aggressive (and frowned upon by some clients), it significantly increases your chances of success. So remember to use it if necessary.

Boost your SEO 

Do you want to increase your number of customers ? So it’s time to boost your website’s SEO. To achieve this, you must regularly post content deemed interesting and relevant by Google. In your case, the most practical strategy would be to post blog articles focused on the topic of campaign management services. 

This will be a good way to attract the attention of potential customers, offer captivating content to your current customers and earn points with Google. Of course, if your budget allows it, consider entrusting this aspect of your marketing to a specialized service provider. This helps you save time and increases your chances of being better ranked in the long term. 

Offer a free trial period for your services 

Companies love free things. So, one of the best ways to attract new customers is to offer one or more free services to interested people. Grant a trial period to companies in exchange for basic information such as their email address. Once the period is over, follow up with a tailor-made prospect strategy. Of course, during the first months, you will not earn anything at all. But compared to the advertising boost and the number of potential customers, the game is clearly worth it.